Kelly Vincent

Kelly Vincent

Kelly is an abstract artist with a love for working with resin & alcohol inks. She was born in Oxford although she spent 10 years of her childhood growing up in Southern Spain. Kelly now lives in Buckinghamshire with her husband and two children.

The sea is Kelly’s main inspiration for her work at the moment and she thrives off the seas energy. She is at her most creative when she is in her studio, covered in paint with a pallet knife in hand. She works with different mediums including acrylic paint, alcohol inks and epoxy resin. They all have their own flow which can only be controlled to a certain extent. Her pieces reflect a careful balance between control and free flowing movement.

After working in London as a Police Officer for 12 years, Kelly was diagnosed with PTSD, Anxiety and Depression. As a way to channel her nervous energy and boost her mood she started painting. She started creating art to stop all the noise. Painting allowed her to switch off, it’s a special time where everything stops, and she is completely in the moment.  All the things whirling around in her mind seem to fade away. Painting has been an amazing therapy for Kelly, and it has helped her reach a place in her life where she is simply happy and exactly where she wants to be.

With a simple goal to hold on to that feeling of happiness, Kelly is now a full-time artist working from her home studio in Buckinghamshire. She lives to the value that life is too short, we must all live our best life and that is what she is doing. She hopes that in some way, her art will help others to do the same.

Kelly’s work will be at Sally Evans Artist & Makers Fair

In the Town Hall from Friday 14th – Saturday 15th October