Marianne McCaughey

Marianne McCaughey


Marianne McCaughey is a Danish jewellery maker and geologist inspired by the stunning colours and textures of natural gemstones and how these interact with various precious metals. She incorporates antique and ancient beads which make each handmade piece unique and meaningful as it makes a connection to nature and history.

“At the moment I’m working on a collection of jewellery which incorporates ancient roman coins found in Cambridgeshire. I’m finding it hugely inspiring holding and wearing items that are so old, with such rugged beauty. It’s bringing history to life in the most extraordinary and personal way. I’m also working on a jewellery collection in silver inspired by crystal shape and growth. I’m in a constant creative mode, inspired by so many things around me – nature, history, architecture and people. It’s a wonderful thing to look at the world with creative eyes.”

She is hugely inspired by geology, art, travel and foreign cultures. Having lived and worked in many different cultures (Singapore, Egypt, Israel, UK, Denmark and Sweden), has given her a real appreciation of different cultures and the aspects of cultural belonging. Creating this sense of belonging and connection to something bigger, is the essence of her work as she believes that it’s good for the soul to feel part of the wider world, particularly in turbulent times.

“I’m very excited about starting studying Archaeology part time at Oxford University in 2022 and bringing this together with my geology to create an even better understanding of the influence of jewellery and materials on our culture.”

Marianne’s work can be seen in Bizzie Lizzie Flower Shop, Upper High Street, from 10 – 16 October