21st Century Thame

21st Century Thame is a partnership between local volunteers and town and district councils, coming together to help ensure Thame stays vibrant and viable as a market town.  They come together as a body who can access funding from various sources in order to action projects that improve and add value to the town.   They also act as a hub and source of experience for anyone in the town who is looking to run new projects and events.

During its 10 year existence 21st Century Thame has helped to bring a range of projects to fruition including: Thame Food Festival (now a separately owned event), Thame Carnival, Thame Equipment Bank, Thame Tidy & Moreton Muck out, Small Business Saturday, Great British High Street Awards, Shop front improvement scheme, Planters, Historic Plaques, Walking Trails and Thame leaflets.

They would like to do more. Could you help us ensure Thame continues to be a fantastic place for residents, businesses and visitors? It takes planning and effort to ensure the continued vitality and prosperity of great towns like Thame, and this is only possible through the great support they receive from the volunteers who make up 21st Century Thame. They are currently looking for people and you are bound to have skills that can help. Visit their website for more info https://21stcenturythame.co.uk/